Siauliu Lieporiu Gymnasium


Sialuliu Lieporiu Gymnasium
Lieporui gymnasium
Lieporui gymnasium
V. Grinkeviciaus 22
LT - Lithuania
LT006 - Šiaulių apskritis
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Lieporiai Secondary School was founded in 1975.

In 1997 the 14th Secondary School was named Lieporiai Secondary School after Lieporiai village. The first principal was Algimantas Miltenis (1975-1999). The school aims to maintain intensified English language education. In 1998 the school anthem (S.Žukauskas), the coat of arms and the flag were created.

Since 1999 the school is run by Sigita Malinauskienė

In 1999 school community took part in the International Socrates Comenius project for the first time and since then the school is actively involved in projects. The school has participated and fulfilled 8 international projects. Every year the projects of local government are accomplished. Since 2000 the school is profiled according to the education reform. The same year the school museum was opened by E. Bačiūnienė and J. Šmitienė. In 2004 the school became a purifying school due to school network reorganization. In 2007 the secondary school programs were accredited and the status of gymnasium was gained. In 2006 the associated cooperation contract was signed with Aukštabalis Primary and Secondary Schools and later in 2007 with Lieporiai Primary and Gegužiai Secondary Schools.

The school creates and cherishes traditions and also establishes a distinctive image. Since 2003 the uniforms and the graduation gowns were introduced by the school community. The school embodies active self-governing institutions. Moreover, a non-governmental institution “Lieporiai School Community“ association, which unites teachers, parents and students, was established in 2005.

The school became a gymnasium in 2009.



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